Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

Ok here it is the Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes. Attempt #1:

1. Yellow cake cupcakes. Just use your favorite yellow cake recipe or box cake works too. I normally add buttermilk instead of the water to a box cake mix. Makes it yummier. Is that a word? It is now. :) or I like the Better Homes and Garden yellow cake recipe too.

2. While your cupcakes are baking you can work on the filling. I tend to do things the easy way rather than the hard way. Makes sense to me, if it can be done easily why not do it that way. You will need:
1 small box of vanilla pudding mix (or french vanilla works too)
1-2 tsp of vanilla nut flavoring (plain vanilla works too but I like vanilla nut so that's what I used)
Milk (whatever amount it calls for on the pudding box)
Just follow the directions on the pudding box for making it and add the flavoring to the milk before pouring it over the mix. 1 tsp if you like a lighter flavor or 2 tsp if you want more, I'd go with 2 tsp but of course in my hurry to get these done I forgot it completely. Once it's mixed together cover with plastic wrap making sure you press it down on the top of the pudding so you don't get a film on the top and place in frig for an hour or so.
3. Now the best part, chocolate ganache. Yummo and so so easy!
8oz. heavy whipping cream
8oz. chocolate (chopped)
Heat cream on stove top until it is just starting to boil stirring occasionally so it doesn't burn. Don't let it get to a full boil! Put chocolate in a bowl and pour cream over it. Using a spoon or whisk or whatever you want to stir it until it's smooth. You'll want to do this step only when you are ready to use the ganache or it will harden.

4. Assembly:
What I did was put the pudding in a pastry bag stick the tip into the cupcake and squeezed. I found that not much of the pudding got in the cupcake or at least not enough for my liking but if you want to try it and it works for you let me know what I did wrong. :) So the next time I'll peel the wrappers off the cupcakes and cut them in half. Put a spoonful of the pudding on the bottom half and dip the top in the ganache then place it on top of the bottom half like a sandwich.

5. Last but not least don't for get to taste test it before you serve them. It's very important to do this at least with one or two of them so you don't serve something that isn't up to par. If you end up taste testing all of them and need to start over I understand. :)


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