Frustration Abounds

I am so frustrated with my knee! Tomorrow will make 3 months post surgery and still it hurts, is swollen, and pops. And now the doctor is thinking he might have to do more surgery! agh! He's giving me one more month to get better then back in the OR I will go. Maybe that was to scare me into healing because I don't want to be better????? (heavy sigh) Today in physical therapy they tried this new wrap called a kinetic (sp?) wrap on my knee to hopefully help the swelling and the scare tissue go away. I'm not really sure how wrapping my leg will do that but hey at this point I guess I'll try anything.
It should be so simple if the popping would stop then the swelling would go away and if the swelling goes away then the strength will return. Maybe the problem is that the popping would stop if the knee was stronger... That would be a big problem. hmmm Well, I guess all I can do is keep going to PT and keep doing my exercise and trust that it will heal in God's time and not mine or my doctor's. But sometimes that is very hard to do.


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