Wow it's been awhile.

So what's new since last summer? hmmmmm. Well, my knee is almost better. It's closing in on one year since surgery and I can finally go down stairs properly. Granted I pretty much fall the last 3 inches of the step which I know doesn't sound like much but it can be pretty rough on my other knee. I'll keep at it and hopefully it will get strong enough to control the step all the way to the ground. In other news Sean and I have decided to quit drinking pop and to cut back on caffeine. I'm doing really well, today is day 27 without pop and I can count on one hand the number to times I've had caffeine this month. Sean is trying but it seems to be harder for him, but at least he has cut back a lot! We also joined a gym where we work out for at least an hour 5+ times a week. We really haven't seen much in the way of weight lose but it may be due to the fact that we are putting on muscle mass which as we all know weighs more than fat. Sean's arms are looking mighty sexy these days. ;) Well that's all for now...
Until the next time I get around to writing (ie 6 months from now)


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